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During each of the two previous visits to Puerto La Cruz, we had stayed at Bahia Redonda Marina.  This year, our friends Lynne and Lois on Spice Island Lady recommended Maremares, the resort where they were staying.  We contacted the marina and learned that Franklin, who had been at Bahia Redonda on our previous visits, was now assistant dock master at Maremares.  Bob called him and, when a slip became available, we made the passage from Margarita. 

The overnight passage from the island of Margarita to Puerto La Cruz  on the mainland was perfect.  We left about 10:00 p.m. and arrived twelve hours later.  The wind was light but steady, the sea barely undulating.  We saw considerable traffic, for example, this early morning ferry in the predawn hours. 


Sunrise was glorious, a constantly changing palette of colors. 


The first humans reportedly arrived in Venezuela in 14,800 B.C.  However, colonization began in 1498 when Christopher Columbus landed on the Paria Peninsula.  The country was not named until the third trip when Columbus and his brother America Vespucio came to South America.  They entered Lake Maracaibo where they and their crew saw the Indians' palafito, houses built on stilts over the water to keep animals away.  The villages above water reminded the sailors of Venice so they named the country Venezuela, "little Venice."  Vespucio was the cartographer for the expedition, drawing the maps and naming the places discovered, so the name was documented and became permanent..


Golden Rainbow Maremares Resort and Spa is a Venezuelan five-star resort  with a marina.  Entering by land, fountains greet you and a covered entrance to the lobby protects you from the tropical sun.  The lobby has an atrium with lush green plants.  Pink buildings are landscaped with tropical plants and many flowering bushes and trees.  .